Virtual Office Dublin Ireland: provides virtual offices, phone answering, mail and post forwarding, secretarial services, business services, boardrooms for hire, registered offices and company incubation for startup businesses and enterprises from its busines premises in Dublin D6 Ireland.Also registered business addresses.

Virtual Office Dublin & Irish Company Registrations

Grow your business this year using the Virtual Office


Virtual Office Dublin, Ireland.  We can provide your company with a 'Registered Irish Business Mailing Address' in Dublin, Ireland as well as a 'Mail Forwarding' Service. We can also offer  'Telephone Answering & Messaging' Services, enabling you to develop your business in Ireland in the most cost effective way possible.  

Companies Registration Office Consultation Services. We can also offer company startups in Ireland a complete Express Companies Registration Service. We look after all aspects of registering your new company with the Irish Companies Registration Office (cro). We specialise in new Limited Companies but we can also register your new Sole Trader Business name with the CRO if required. This saves you time as well as saving you money and makes the process as quick and easy as possible, because you have the opportunity to take advantage of our years of experience with Company Formations in Ireland. Further information on Registering a Company in Ireland can be obtained from the website of the Companies Registration Office at We shorten the process by helping with filling out Company Registration forms and by making all submissions on your behalf. Using our service means we can help you have a fully registered company in as little as two weeks.

The 'Virtual Offices' Services from 'OFFICE LINK' offer a cost effective alternative to the Irish Company Startup. We can also benefit any established companies that want a presence in Dublin, Ireland. Using our services eliminates the expense of leasing an office in Dublin as well eliminating the costs of hiring full time staff to take your business calls. Whether your company is located in Ireland or outside of Ireland, using our Virtual Office Service in Dublin will give your company the best possible platform to succeed


We provide a complete range of virtual office services and business mailing addresses in Ireland. We can provide registered business mailing addresses for your company in Dublin, Ireland's major business center. We can also provide business addresses in Galway, Cork, Limerick and Belfast.  Increase the profile of your company in Ireland and the the UK, and impress prospective clients with your company’s ability to handle business in one of Europes leading business cities by using our Registered Business Mailing Address Service. When you use our Dublin Businss Mailing Address with Mail Forwarding, all post, mail, deliveries and any correspondence recieved for your company is forwarded to your specified forwarding address (anywhere in Ireland or Worldwide) on the same day that we recieve it.

Many businesses are currently downsizing in order to deal with the economic realities that the recession has forced on them. Why maintain a professional appearance for the company with your clients by using our 'Registerd Dublin Business Mailing Address' Service.

If you are involved in an Irish Startup Company you can also use the 'Registered Dublin Business Mailing Address' to register your startup company with the Irish Companies Registration Office (CRO). This can then operate as your Official Irish Company Address as well as being the business mailing address for all your company mail and client correspondence. You can also use the registered Dublin business address on your company website, on your company business cards, as well as on all of your company stationary and marketing materials. Thus creating a professional image for your new company and creating confidence in your prospective clients.


You can also use our professional telephone call answering service to enable your company to have your client calls and enquiries answered in a professional manner. We eliminate the expense of employing a full time staff to answer your company's business calls. Using our service all telephone calls are answered in your company name and the messages received will be forwarded to you by text message or email (which ever suits you best) within 5 minutes of taking the call.  You then have the flexibility to either respond immediately or call the client back at a time that is convenient to you, so as not to interrupt your immediate business development activities.

We also offer the option of using our Call Diversion Service. This is where we provide your company with a dedicated Dublin business telephone number, and divert all incomming calls to your mobile or prefered landline number.  This also gives your company an impressive presence in Dublin, Ireland regardless of where your company is located. 

Our professional telephone answering service experts provide you with a credible, risk-free way to correspond with clients. We can handle the day-to-day details so you can better manage and grow your business. We also offer the use of a dedicated Dublin business fax number that you can use to receive faxes from your clients. Faxes received for your company are scanned and forwarded to you immediatesly by email as an attachment. We also a complete range of extra business services so as to provide our clients with a complete outsourcing solution. 


We can provide any new 'Irish Company Startup' with a complete 'Company Formation' and 'Company Registration' Service. We look after all aspects of the new company's registration with the Irish CRO (Companies Registration Office) and the Irish Revenue Service. We provide an express service for registering a Limited Company in Ireland as well as for registering a Business Name. We can also look after the registriation of your new company with the Irish Revenue Service so that the new company can be issued an Irish tax number which is a requirement for doing business in Ireland.

On completion of the Company Registration process you will recieve the company seal as well as the company memorandum and articles of association. You also receive the official CRO Company Registration Certificate with your official registered company number on it. You will need all this completed paperwork before you will be able to open a company bank account which you will need to get started in business. Further information on Registering a Company in Ireland can be obtained from the website of the Companies Registration Office at


As well as 'Business Startups'  we provide cost effective 'Virtual Office' services to many other types of companies. These include the highly 'mobile professionals' and 'home based' small businesses.

Larger companies and well established businesses can also benefit from using our services. Wheather they are currently expanding and looking to establish a presence in an Irish city, or even if they are currently downsizing and looking to reduce the costs associated with renting an Irish office as well as saving on the associated staff costs. We can provide an extremely cost effective solution to almost any size of company. Using our Virtual Office Services can prove to be an integral part of an effective strategy aimed at minimising costs while maximising profits, thus ensuring business success for your company


We can assist you in the process of opening a new Irish Business Bank Account for your new company.  We provide advice and assistance regarding the requirements within the Irish Financial System involved in opening a new Irish Business Bank Account. Through our established relationships we can introduce your company and can schedule an introductory meeting with one of Irelands leading business banks. We will prep you regarding meeting all of the requirements prior to the initial meeting.  Having an Irish Company Bank Account is a requirement when registering an Irish Registered Company with Irish Revenue Services


We provide your company with the optional service of having our accountants can assist with the registration process with Irish Revenue Services.  We can sit down with you and discuss the options regarding Irish Corporation Tax ( Tax on Company Annual Profits; which is just 12.5% in the Republic of Ireland). We can also advise you regarding the best options relating to P.R.S.I.  and P.A.Y.E  (employee taxes) as well as wheather or not you need to register your new company for VAT (Tax on sales of your companies products & services).


We also offer a complete range of further business services in order to enable any small business, to run with optimum efficiency and maximize growth potential while minimizing company costs.

As well as Marketing Consultancy & Accountancy advise, our services include a complete 'Companies Registration Service'.  We specialise in looking after all aspects of your company formation and company registration with the cro (Irish 'Companies Registration Office'). This can prove extremely useful to any Irish Company Startup.


We now can offer to register companies in the United Kingdom with the 'Companies House' (CH). Where ever you are based world wide, we can assist you with the registration of a new U.K. Limited Company. For example if you have a new or existing Irish company that is looking to establish a presence in the United Kingdom we can assist you with registering a new company or else you could look at establishing what is known as a 'Branch Office' for your existing company , so that you can legally trade in the United Kingdom, and take advantage of this potentially lucrative market for your companies products and services.

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Providers of office services, virtual offices board rooms and meeting rooms, phone answering and messaging services in Dublin, Ireland. If you are starting a business in Dublin Ireland, need phone answering services, business incubation, a virtual pa or virtual secretarial services can help. We provide registered business address, business enterprise services, company incubation, mail (post) forwarding and offices in D6, D6W (D12) Dublin, Ireland.